Airbrake Monitoring

Last updated on 28 April, 2024

Airbrake is an error monitoring and application performance monitoring service. It is designed for continuous monitoring of an application stack, generating real-time alerts. When integrated with LogicMonitor, Airbrake monitoring is incorporated into your dashboards, widgets, and alerts.


  • Install the Airbrake LogicModules.
  • Collect the API authentication token information from your Airbrake account:
    Airbrake > Profile & Notifications > API Auth Token

Adding Airbrake to LogicMonitor

Airbrake is added to LogicMonitor as a SaaS resource. The SaaS Monitoring wizard guides you through the setup, and you can test authentication before adding Airbrake to your resources.

  1. In LogicMonitor, navigate to Resources and select Add [+].
  2. From the Add Resources window, select Cloud and SaaS.
  3. Navigate to SaaS Monitoring and select Airbrake > Add.
  4. From the SaaS Monitoring wizard, enter a Name and Description for the Airbrake account. These fields determine how the resource is displayed throughout your LogicMonitor environment.
  5. Enter a Parent Group to add this resource to an existing group. The default value is root.
  6. Enter Properties (key-value pair) by typing a Name and Value. You can also select from a list of existing properties. Select Next.
  7. From the Permissions page, enter the API Auth Token from your Airbrake account in the API Authentication Token field.
  8. Select Test Permissions to authenticate.
  9. Select Add Service to add the new resource to LogicMonitor.
  10. Select View Resource to view the new Airbrake resource in LogicMonitor.

Airbrake LogicModules

The following modules are available for Airbrake SaaS integration. For more information, see Installing Modules and Packages.

Airbrake_Account_DeploysDataSourceAccount-level deployment metrics.
Airbrake_Account_ErrorsDataSourceAccount-level error metrics.
Airbrake_Project_DeploysDataSourceProject-level deployment metrics.
Airbrake_Project_ErrorsDataSourceProject-level error metrics.
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