Webex Monitoring (Open Beta)

Last updated on 28 April, 2024

Webex by Cisco is cloud-based solution offering services for video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars.


  • You must be an administrator of an active Webex account.
  • Install the Webex LogicModules. For more information, see Webex LogicModules.

Adding an Integration App

Before adding a new Webex SaaS resource to LogicMonitor, you need to add an integration app in your Webex account. Add an Integration App in Webex to provide information about your LogicMonitor application. For more information, see Integrations & Authorizations in the Webex documentation.

  1. From your Webex portal, go to Profile > My Webex Apps.
  2. From the My Apps page, select Create a New App.
  3. From the Create a New App page, select Create an Integration.
  4. Enable the following Scopes on the form:
    • meeting:admin_schedule_read
    • spark-admin:licenses_read
    • spark-admin:people_read
    • analytics:read_all
  5. Enter a Redirect URL.This is the LogicMonitor redirect URL. For example:
  6. Select Add Integration.
  7. On the application page, copy and save the following information to a secure location:
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret
    • OAuth Authorization URL

Adding Webex Monitoring

Webex monitoring is added from the LogicMonitor Resources page. The SaaS Monitoring wizard guides you through the setup. You have the option to add new resource properties to your Webex instance, or to select existing properties.

  1. In LogicMonitor, navigate to Resources and select Add [+].
  2. From the Add Resources window, select Cloud and SaaS.
  3. Navigate to the SaaS Monitoring section and select Webex > Add.
  4. On the SaaS Monitoring wizard’s Permissions page, enter the information that you gathered while Adding an Integration App.
    • Client ID
    • Secret Key
    • Authorization URL
  5. Select Authorize and the Refresh Token is auto-generated. 
  6. Select Test Permissions to authenticate.
  7. Select Add Service to add the new resource to LogicMonitor.
  8. Click View Resource to view the new Webex resource in LogicMonitor.

Webex LogicModules

The following modules are available for Webex SaaS integration. For more information, see Installing Modules and Packages.

License_InfoDataSourceMonitors the current license information.
User_StatsDataSourceMonitors the Webex user statistics.
Meetings_QoSDataSourceMeetings QoS requires Webex Pro Pack for Control Hub.
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