Usage Reporting for IaaS Monitoring

Last updated on 28 April, 2024

You can leverage Usage Reporting to view the usage metrics for IaaS monitoring directly in your LogicMonitor portal. IaaS monitoring is part of LogicMonitor’s cloud monitoring solution, and the usage metrics for IaaS monitoring contain all supported cloud VMs (AWS EC2, Azure VM, Azure ScaleSetVM, GCP Compute Engine instances), and any other cloud resources monitored using an LM local collector. 

LogicMonitor divides the usage metrics for your IaaS and non-computer resources allowing you to view them separately. You can also view the combined metrics for moth IaaS and non-computer resources for a total of the resources that contribute to IaaS resource usage.

For a list of IaaS and non-compute resources, see Cloud Services and Resource Units.

Requirements for Viewing Usage Reporting for IaaS Monitoring

To view usage data for IaaS Monitoring in Usage Reporting, you must subscribe to LM Cloud.

Viewing Usage Data for IaaS Monitoring

  1. Navigate to Settings > Usage.
  2. From the Products option, select “IaaS Monitoring”.
  3. From the Contributor type option, select the contributor you want to view usage for.

Note: This option is only available if your environment provides services to multiple portals.

  1. Select the month you want to view usage for.
  2. To view usage in a sparkline or bar graph format in the Cumulative Usage graph, select the type of graph from the Options menu of the Cumulative Usage graph.

Note: If a contributor is selected from Contributor type, you must select a contributor from the Usage Contributors table to display data in the Cumulative Usage graph.

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