Last updated on 17 March, 2023

LogicMonitor will automatically detect data sensors, and start plotting them, but does not have default thresholds, as we don’t know what the data is that’s being reported – temperature? Humidity?

You should set thresholds for the sensors.

Contact sensors are not automatically detected by Active Discovery, as there is no way to know when a sensor is active or not. Thus, you have manually define a new contact switch sensor when you add one to the device.

Note that until you have one contact sensor defined, you won’t see the datasource.  To manually add a new contact switch sensor instance, select Add Monitored Instance from the Manage device menu:

Select the Sensor Switch data datasources, make the Name something explanatory (room east water sensor, etc) and make the value as the number of the sensor (on the sensatronic box) that you’ve just activated .