Updating Dashboard Group Details

Last updated on 11 July, 2023

You can use LogicMonitor REST API v3 to update dashboard group details. You must authenticate yourself before making the API request.

To make partial updates to a dashboard group, make a PATCH request. To completely update a dashboard group, make a PUT request.

URI: PATCH /dashboard/groups/{id}

URI: PUT /dashboard/groups/{id}


  • As per the REST standards, any property which is not specified in the PUT request will revert to its default value.
  • The template field works only for the POST method.
idInteger(Mandatory) The Id of the dashboard group that you want to update.
templateJSON ObjectThe template which is used for importing dashboard group.
widgetTokensJSON ObjectThe tokens are assigned at the group level. The widgetTokens consist of the following:
  • inheritList – It is the widget token inherit list.
  • name – The name of the parent group of devices, if there is one established. Example – Default Device Group.
  • value – The name of the child group of devices, if there is one. Example – Devices by Type/Network.
nameString(Mandatory) The name of the dashboard group that you want to update. Example – "name": "LogicMonitor Dashboards"
descriptionStringThe description of the dashboard group. Example – "description": "Servers in LA DataCenter"
parentIdIntegerThe Id of the parent dashboard group. Example – "parentId": 4