Get devices for a particular device group

Last updated on 22 September, 2020

With LogicMonitor’s REST API you can get programmatically get devices for a specific group via the devices subresource.

Note: As with all of our API calls, authentication is required.




URI: /device/groups/{id}/devices

Request Parameters: By default, a list of 50 devices will be returned for each result. You can include sort, filter, fields, size and offset parameters in your request to control what data is included in the response and how it is formatted.




Example URI

sort sort={+ or -}property Sorts the response by the property specified in either increasing (+) or decreasing (-) order /device/groups/76/devices?sort=-id
filter filter=property:value Filters the response to include only the results that have the specified value for the specified property /device/groups/12/devices?filter=name~prod*
fields fields={list of properties separated by commas} Filters the response to only include the following fields for each object /device/groups/32/devices?fields=id,name
size size=integer The number of results to display. Max is 1000 /device/groups/54/devices?size=5
offset offset=integer The number of results to offset the displayed results by /device/groups/56/devices?offset=2