Collector Configuration Files

Last updated on 07 May, 2024

You can control the behavior of LogicMonitor Collectors using configuration files. Configuration files are located in the Collector’s installation directory in the following default file path:

  • Linux: /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/conf
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\LogicMonitor\Agent\conf

You can view and update the settings in the Collector configuration files on a per-Collector basis in the LogicMonitor user interface.

It is recommended that you use the LogicMonitor user interface to update the settings in the Collector configuration files instead of editing the files manually. Manually modifying the local Collector configuration files should be done at your own risk.

Note: You can only modify the agent.conf.local configuration file manually on the Collecter filesystem. Any configurations added to this file override the generic agent.conf configuration file. This enables you to configure settings such as “debug.disable=false” and remotesession.disable=true”, and ensures the settings cannot be changed in the user interface.

Editing the Collector Configuration Files

  1. Navigate to Settings > Collectors.
  2. From the Collectors page, find the Collector you want to configure and click the Settings icon in the Manage column to display its settings.
  3. Click Support, and then select “Collector Configuration.”

  4. Open the configuration file you want to edit.
  5. Toggle the Edit <name>.conf manually switch to manually edit the file.
    Editing Collector Config Files

  6. Click the Save and Restart button to restart the Collector and apply the changes to the configuration file.
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