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Editing the Collector Config Files


LogicMonitor Collectors have configuration files that can be used to control their behavior. These configuration files are located in the Collector’s installation directory. The default file path is:

  • Linux: /usr/local/logicmonitor/agent/conf
  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\LogicMonitor\Agent\conf

Editing the Collector Config Files

The settings established in the Collector config files can be viewed on a per-Collector basis from within the LogicMonitor interface. Updates can also be made from the interface and it is highly recommended that you use the interface (and not manual modification of the local Collector configuration files) to make any required updates as there are safeguards in place in the UI to prevent errors. Manually modifying the local Collector configuration files should be done at your own risk.

In general, you will not need to change the vast majority of the settings found in the Collector configuration files. However, in the event that you need to modify your Collector configuration, you can do so by following the next set of steps.

To edit a Collector configuration file:

  1. Navigate to Settings | Collectors.
  2. From the Collectors page, find the Collector you wish to configure and click the corresponding cogwheel icon from the Manage column to display its settings.
  3. From the Support button’s dropdown menu, select “Collector Configuration.”

  4. Open the appropriate configuration file (e.g. agent.conf, watchdog.conf, etc.) and toggle the Edit <name>.conf manually slider to the right to enable editing.

    Editing Collector Config Files

  5. Once edits are complete, click the Save and Restart button to restart the Collector and apply the changes to the configuration file.

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