Azure Billing Monitoring Setup

Last updated on 03 April, 2023

LogicMonitor leverages the Cost Management API to monitor Microsoft Azure billing data. You can set up the monitoring for Azure billing by entering your Microsoft Azure Subscription ID in LogicMonitor. For more information, see What is Microsoft Cost Management and Billing?

Note: LogicMonitor does not support the Azure Rate Card API. Use the Cost Management API and the related LogicMonitor Cost Management DataSources.

Setting up Monitoring for Azure Billing

  1. Install the Azure Billing DataSources. For more information, see Azure Billing Modules.
  2. Navigate to Resources > Azure Cloud > Manage.
  3. Select the Billing tab.

  4. Select a Country to apply the currency that you want to use.
  5. In the SubscriptionId field, enter your Azure Subscription ID. This information is located in your Azure portal under Subscriptions.
  6. Select Save.

Note: For Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscriptions, Cost Management access must be enabled by your CSP partner. If you can access Cost Management for the subscription in your Azure portal, that means that Cost Management has already been enabled by your CSP.

Azure Billing Modules

ModuleTypeBilling MethodDescription
Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostBySubscriptionDataSourceRate CardMonitors cost per subscription for which billing data is accessible.
Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByRegionDataSourceRate CardAutomatically discovers Azure regions and monitors spend per discovered region.
Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByServiceDataSourceRate CardAutomatically discovers Azure services and monitors spend per discovered service.
Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByOperationDataSourceRate CardAutomatically discovers Azure line item operations and monitors spend per operation.
Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByTag_ExampleDataSourceRate CardMonitors cost by tag value. For more information, see Billing Cost By Tag <will link to section below>.
Microsoft_Azure_CostManagementBySubscriptionDataSourceCost ManagementMonitors the cumulative pre-tax cost by subscription ID for the current month to date.
Microsoft_Azure_CostManagementByRegionDataSourceCost ManagementMonitors the cumulative pre-tax cost by region and subscription for the current month to date.
Microsoft_Azure_CostManagementByServiceDataSourceCost ManagementMonitors the cumulative pre-tax cost by service and subscription for the current month to date.
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