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Azure Billing Monitoring

LogicMonitor supports monitoring of Azure Billing data. Specifically, LogicMonitor uses Azure Usage and Rate Card APIs the calculate an estimate for your Azure spend, enabling you to monitor spend overtime in the LogicMonitor platform.

What data is monitored?

LogicMonitor currently has five out-of-the-box DataSources for monitoring Azure billing data (listed below), but custom DataSources can be used to extend what is monitored. Pre-configured DataSources include:

  1. Cost by Subscription (Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostBySubscription) – monitors cost per subscription for which billing data is accessible (per configuration below)
  2. Cost by Region (Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByRegion) – automatically discovers Azure regions and monitors spend per discovered region
  3. Cost by Service (Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByService) – automatically discovers Azure services and monitors spend per discovered service
  4. Cost by Operation (Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByOperation) – automatically discovers Azure line item operations and monitors spend per operation
  5. Cost by Tag (Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByTag_Example) – monitors cost by tag value, where tag key needs to be provided in the DataSource AD section


  • Charges classified under the ‘Other classic resources’ line item will not be monitored by LogicMonitor
  • Azure CSP (Cloud Service Provider) billing data is not currently monitored by LogicMonitor
  • Azure EA (Enterprise Agreement) billing data is not currently monitored by LogicMonitor

How do I get started?

To get started, you’ll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Identify your Azure offer Id and billing start date per subscription you want to monitor spend for From your Azure console, select ‘Subscriptions’ & then select an individual subscription. You’ll need to identify the Offer Id and Billing Start Date for each subscription you want to monitor spend for in LogicMonitor:
  2. Provide LogicMonitor with the offer id and billing start date(s) In LogicMonitor, navigate to your Azure group and select ‘Manage’ and then select the Billing tab in the Manage dialog. Add each subscription to the table with a corresponding Offer Id and billing start date:
  3. Import the new Azure Billing DataSourcesOnce these steps are complete, you should see Cost by subscription, region, service, and operation DataSources appear under the account level device, like this:
Note that it may take up to 15-30 minutes before the DataSources appear and data collection starts.


To customize the Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByTag_Example DataSource to monitor cost based on a tag in your Azure account, simply add the tag key in the AD Parameters section of the DataSource. The below DataSource will discover all values of the tag key ‘environment’ and track the cost associated with each (note that the DataSource has been renamed from ‘Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByTag_Example’ to ‘Microsoft_Azure_BillingCostByEnvironment’ to be more specific):

Configuring Country and Currency

The country or region associated with your Azure billing information can be configured with the property The value of this property will also adjust the billing currency for the account. Be default, this property is set to “USA”.

To change the Azure region:

  1. In LogicMonitor, navigate to your Azure Account group under Resources.
  2. Click “Manage” to open the account management dialog.
  3. Under “Basic Information”, edit or add the property: and assign the value.
  4. Save your changes.

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