Getting List of Collector Version

Last updated on 13 September, 2023

You can use LogicMonitor REST API v3 to get a list of collector versions. You must authenticate yourself before making the API request.

URI: GET /setting/collector/collectors/versions

fieldsStringThe response is filtered to include only the specified fields for each object. You can provide a list of properties separated by a comma.
Example – /setting/collector/collectors/versions?fields=majorVersion,minorVersion
sizeIntegerIndicates the number of results to display. A maximum of 1000 results can be requested in a GET call. By default, a list of 50 collector versions is returned if a value is not provided for this parameter.
Example – /setting/collector/collectors/versions?size=10
offsetIntegerIndicates the number of results to offset the displayed results.
Example – /setting/collector/collectors/versions?offset=3
filterStringThe response is filtered according to the operator and specified value that is, filter=property:value
  • Use asterisk (*) to match more than one character
  • Use a dot (.) character to filter values within an object (example – custom properties)
  • Use a comma (,) to separate multiple filters
Operators include:
  • Greater than or equals  >:
  • Less than or equals  <:
  • Greater than  >
  • Less than  <
  • Does not equal  !:
  • Equals  :
  • Includes  ~
  • Does not include  !~
Example – /setting/collector/collectors/versions?filter=majorVersion>31