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Last updated on 17 October, 2023

Disclaimer: This feature is currently in Open Beta and only available for LM Logs and LM APM (Push Metrics and OpenMetrics). You can submit feedback about this feature directly in your LogicMonitor portal using the Support Resources. For more information, see Accessing Support Resources.

You can view the cumulative monthly usage for your organization to help you understand how and where your environment is incurring the most data usage. You can view this information directly in your LogicMonitor portal.

Note: All the usage metrics and time stamps are displayed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The Usage page displays metrics for each LogicMonitor product (for example, LM Logs) that you are licensed to use. You can select the product to view the applicable metrics, and view those metrics for the current month and previous months. If your environment provides services for multiple LogicMonitor accounts, you can select a type of contributor (for example, child accounts) to view the usage data for each child account.

Based on the product you select, LogicMonitor displays information regarding your current usage and committed value. If you are at risk of running out of your committed amount, LogicMonitor predicts when you will run out of your committed amount and what the overage will be at the end of the month based on your current usage. This predication allows you to make adjustments as necessary. If you run out of your committed amount before the end of the month, LogicMonitor predicts the overage based on your current usage.

The Usage page uses the following visual components to display your Usage Reporting information:

  • Month-to-date usage summary—This visual provides you a month-to-date summary of the total cumulative usage for your selected product, as well as the percentage used of your committed amount.
  • Top Usage Analysis summary—When “LM Logs” is selected as the product, this visual provides a list of predefined queries for LM Logs. Selecting a query from the list returns the largest usage contributors for LM Logs to help you identify the most demanding log usage contributors.
  • Cumulative Usage graph—When the current calendar month is selected, you can view the cumulative usage for the month in a sparkline graph or bar graph format. In addition, LogicMonitor can forecast your usage for your selected product based on your current usage trends for the current month. Hovering over the graph provides you with the usage metrics for a specific date. The graph dynamically updates based on the product you select.

Note: The Cumulative Usage graph does not display data on the first of the month.

  • Usage Contributors table—If your environment provides services for multiple LogicMonitor accounts, selecting “All child accounts” as the contributor displays a table listing each account with the corresponding usage data for that account. You can select a child account from the table to display both the child account’s cumulative usage data and your total cumulative usage data in the Cumulative Usage graph. In addition, the Month-to-date usage summary updates to reflect the usage of the selected child account.

Selecting a different month dynamically updates the metrics to reflect the month selected.

Usage Reporting page

Note: Metrics are gathered hourly and reported daily.

Usage per Product

The following table displays the products that LogicMonitor provides Usage metrics for and how that data is calculated:

APM MetricsNumber of Push Metric and OpenMetric datapoints that you define within the PushModules. For more information, see Getting Started with Push Metrics and OpenMetrics Monitoring.
You can view APM Metrics in a tabbed format that allows you to view separate data for Push Metrics or OpenMetrics along with the corresponding visual components for each group of data. Since billing is based on the combined data for APM Metrics, viewing the combined data for all APM Metrics provides insight for billing purposes.
LM LogsTotal data volume sent to LogicMonitor based on monthly aggregation
For more information, see LM Logs usage Monitoring.

Requirements for Viewing Usage Metrics

To access Usage Reporting, you need a LogicMonitor user with the “Usage” permission set. For more information, see Users and Roles.

Viewing Usage Metrics

  1. Navigate to Settings > Usage.
  2. From the Products option, select the product you want to view usage for.
    The metrics display for the product selected.
  3. To view the metrics for APM, select “APM Metrics” from the Product option.
    You can select the Combined Metrics tab, Push Metrics tab, or OpenMetrics tab to view the applicable metrics for APM.
    The visual components update accordingly.
  4. From the Contributor Type option, select the contributor you want to view usage for.

Note: This option is only available if your environment provides services to multiple portals.

  1. Select the month you want to view usage for.
  2. To view usage in a sparkline or bar graph format in the Cumulative Usage graph, select the type of graph from the Options menu of the Cumulative Usage graph.
  3. To view the largest usage contributors for LM Logs in your LogicMonitor portal, select a result from the Top Usage Analysis summary.
    Selecting a result opens that selection in a new tab.

Note: Navigating to LM Logs from the Usage page displays the logs for the last 24 hours.

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