Nginx Monitoring

Last updated on 23 May, 2023

To collect information about the number of requests, busy threads, etc from Nginx, LogicMonitor must be able to pull the status page. Ensure Nginx is compiled with the stub_status module, and that the Nginx configuration file is set to allow the collector to pull the server status page, by a section such as the following in the nginx.conf:

location /nginx_status {stub_status on;access_log   off;allow COLLECTOR.IP.ADD.RESS;deny all;}

If you set the location of the status page to location other than /nginx_status, you will need to update the Nginx datasource. Change the location in the Active Discovery and Collector Attributes sections, as shown:

If the status page is accessible from by the collector, LogicMonitor will discover the Nginx server, and start monitoring it.  You may want to manually run Active Discovery to force discovery.