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LogicMonitor is committed to offering the best service for our customers which includes not only continuous platform updates, but our world-class support as well.

This support article highlights primary components of LogicMonitor’s customer support program, including support packages, communication channels, and issue severity levels. For more details on these components—and other aspects of the support program not covered here including feature description and limitations—view the LogicMonitor Technical Support Overview PDF.

Support Packages

LogicMonitor offers three support packages to meet your organization’s unique needs. The following table overviews the features of each package.

Support Package Overview

Communication Channels

LogicMonitor supports several channels for communication between customers and support engineers.


The primary and preferred communication channel customers use to contact LogicMonitor support is online chat. LogicMonitor has recognized online chat to be the most effective channel for troubleshooting customer issues. Artifacts such as screenshots, log files, code snippets, and more can be uploaded and shared real time within the chat interface, resulting in more efficient troubleshooting and faster resolution. Requests for support via chat are handled on a first-come-first-serve basis; wait times are typically less than five minutes.

As discussed in Accessing Support Resources, online chat is accessed from within the LogicMonitor application portal.

Support Ticket

Support tickets can be submitted from the Support Center or from within the LogicMonitor application portal (see Accessing Support Resources for instructions on submitting support tickets from the LogicMonitor portal). Support tickets assigned a severity level of urgent are managed at the highest priority over any other communication channel (chat, phone, or other support ticket priorities), and should be reserved for issues that are severely impacting your account. To help us resolve requests in a timely manner, provide as much detail as possible about your issue, including specific examples of target areas to investigate or attachments such as screenshots or log files.

Phone/Screen Share (Outbound)

If an issue is best handled outside of the text format, LogicMonitor support may initiate outbound phone calls or screen shares in response to an incoming chat or support ticket.

Phone (Inbound)

As chat is the preferred and primary communication channel, inbound phone support is available to customers on the Premier support package only. Premier support customers will receive a toll-free number for LogicMonitor support, which can be used by authorized contacts identified during the account familiarity session.


LogicMonitor has phased out e-mail support in favor of chat and support tickets. However, email is used to notify you of updates to support tickets; additionally, you can reply to these emails to add to support ticket threads.

Status Page

LogicMonitor maintains an external status page to keep customers informed of service disruptions. It is highly recommended that you subscribe to our status page for timely notification of issues potentially impacting your account. Notifications are posted as soon as issues are identified and updates are provided throughout the service disruption event until resolution.

Issue Severity Levels

LogicMonitor’s target response times (and escalation procedures) are based on an issue’s severity level. As highlighted in the following table, issues are assigned one of four severity levels.

Severity levels (and their associated response times and escalation procedures) do not apply to feature or UX requests, LogicModule creation requests, misconfiguration errors, bugs not impacting performance/functionality, product training, or Professional Services engagements.

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