Kubernetes Certificates and cert-manager Monitoring

Last updated on 09 July, 2024

A Kubernetes certificate is used to secure and encrypt communication within a Kubernetes cluster. For more information, see Certificate resource from cert-manager documentation.

cert-manager is an add-on that creates TLS certificates for workloads in your Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster and renews them before expiration. For more information, see cert-manager from cert-manager documentation.

Requirements for Monitoring Kubernetes Certificates and cert-manager

  • Ensure you have LM Container enabled.
  • You have installed cert-manager Helm chart. For more information, see Installing with Helm from cert-manager documentation.
  • You have installed LM Container Helm Charts 8.1.0 or later.
  • You have enabled the Kubernetes_Certificate and Kubernetes_Certificate_Manager datasources.

Note: These are multi-instance datasources, with each instance indicating Kubernetes certificate and cert-manager respectively. These datasources are available for download from LM Exchange.

Setting up Kubernetes Certificates and cert-manager Monitoring


You don’t need separate installation on your server to use the Kubernetes certificates and cert-manager. For more information on LM Container installation, see Installing the LM Container Helm Chart or Installing LM Container Chart using CLI.


The Kubernetes certificates and cert-manager are pre-configured for monitoring. No additional configurations are required.

Viewing Kubernetes Certificate and cert-manager Details

Once you have installed and configured the Kubernetes Certificate and cert-manager on your server, you can view all the relevant data on the Resources page.

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