Update OpsNotes

Last Updated: 29 June, 2022

You can use LogicMonitor’s REST API to update the Ops Notes in your account.

As with all of our API calls, authentication is required.

HTTP Method: PUT

URI: /setting/opsnotes/{id}

Request Parameters:






note The note message Yes String “note”:”software update from 1.0.0 to 1.2.4″
happenedOnInSec The date and time associated with the note, in epoch seconds format No. Defaults to current time Integer “happenOnInSec”:1488826440
scopes The scopes associated with the note. A note with no scope will show up for everything in the account. Each scope object should have a type (device, service, deviceGroup, serviceGroup). For group scopes, a groupId should be specified. For device/service scopes, deviceId/serviceId should be specified & groupId can optionally be included. No. Defaults to no scope JSON Object “scopes”:[{“type”:”device”,”deviceId”:56},{“type”:”service”,”serviceId”:87,”groupId”:74}]
tags The tags that should be associated with the note. Each tag has a unique id and a name – you can either include the name of a new or existing tag, or the id of an existing tag. No. Defaults to no tags JSON Object “tags”:[{“name”:”release”},{“name”:”upgrade”}]