Alert HealthCheck Report

Last updated on 26 April, 2024

The HealthCheck report provides an overview of your account’s health and helps identify misconfigurations or inefficiencies within your account. You can either schedule the Health checks or run the Health checks on an ad hoc basis.

Configuring an Alert HealthCheck Report

To add a new Alert HealthCheck Report:

  1. In LogicMonitor, navigate to Reports > Add > Report > Alert HealthCheck and select Add to open the report settings.

General Settings

  1. (Required) Enter a Name. Report names cannot include the operators and comparison functions used in LogicMonitor’s datapoint expression syntax.
  2. Enter a Description. For example, describe the specific purpose of the report.
  3. (Required) Enter a Report Group to set where your report will be stored. Matching groups will display as you type and you can select from the list.
  4. Set the report’s output Format, which can be HTML, CSV, or PDF.
  5. Set the Time Range for which you want to evaluate a set of resources or resource groups. You can select from a list of predefined time ranges or specify a custom time range.
    Note: You can set the custom time range for a maximum of 90 days.

Report Schedule Settings

You can use the Report Schedule settings to schedule recurring reports that will email the results to the configured addresses.

  1. Enable Generate this report on a schedule.
  2. Select the Frequency that you want this report to run.
  3. Select the time or day that the report will run. This option will depend on the Frequency you selected previously.
  4. Set the time zone for the report.
  5. Enter one or more Recipients email addresses.

Save the Report

When you finish configuring your report, you can:

  • Click Save to save the report and its parameters.
  • Click Save and Run to save and run the new report to review its output.

Threshold Limits

Adhoc Requests Thresholds (Limit for number of alerts)


Scheduled Requests Thresholds