HP P4000/Lefthand SANs

Last updated on 17 March, 2023

Getting monitoring for HP P4000 SANs has three steps:

  • Add all the NSM nodes to LogicMonitor. Ensure that snmp is enabled on the SAN management group. If you have changed the community from the default of public ensure that you set the snmp.community LogicMonitor property on the NSM nodes (or the LogicMonitor group they are in.)
  • Disable NTP checks on the NSM nodes.  The NSM nodes identify themselves as regular Linux nodes, but do not run an NTP daemon (they instead use a periodic NTP synchronization process). Thus you should disable NTP checks on the NSM nodes to avoid false alerts.
  • Add a cluster Virtual IP address to LogicMonitor.  In order to distinguish this node from the member nodes (so that cluster specific information is collected), set the system.categories property to include the propertyLefthandVIP. (Add the node to LogicMonitor as normal, using either the Wizard or expert mode. After the node is added, select Edit, move down to Properties and click + for Add. Enter system.categories as the property name, and LeftHandVIP as the value. Click Submit, then Submit.)

Cluster information is monitored from the VIP, while node specific information is monitored from each member node.

If your SANs are running software earlier than 8.5.02, you might need to install patch 10076. Without this patch, some counters might not work.