Cisco Wireless Monitoring

Last updated on 20 June, 2020


LogicMonitor offers out-of-the-box monitoring for Cisco Wireless (WLC). Our monitoring suite uses SNMP to query the Cisco Wireless Controller for data, including access point interface, connection, DHCP, high availability, and mobility metrics. ​

Setup Requirements

Add Resource Into Monitoring

Add your Cisco Wireless host into monitoring. For more information on adding resources into monitoring, see Adding Devices.

Enable SNMP

SNMP must be configured on the Cisco Wireless host in order for the DataSources to apply. For more information on configuring SNMP for Cisco device monitoring, see Cisco Device SNMP and NTP Configuration.

SNMP Credentials

LogicMonitor must provide the appropriate credentials in order to successfully access the Cisco Wireless device via SNMP. For instructions on how to set the appropriate credentials as properties on the resource within LogicMonitor, see Defining Authentication Credentials.

Import LogicModules

From the LogicMonitor repository, import all Cisco Wireless LogicModules, which are listed in the LogicModules in Package section of this support article. If these LogicModules are already present, ensure you have the most recent versions.

Once the LogicModules are imported (assuming all previous setup requirements have been met), the suite of Cisco Wireless DataSources will automatically begin collecting data. ​

Migration from Legacy DataSources

In April of 2020, LogicMonitor released a new suite of Cisco Wireless DataSources. The new DataSources offer several advantages, including expanded monitoring coverage and improved script efficiency for future scalability and support.

The release of these new DataSources serves to deprecate several existing DataSources:

  • CiscoWirelessAPIf- (deprecated by Cisco_Wireless_AccessPointInterfaces)
  • CiscoWirelessRadioSlot- (deprecated by Cisco_Wireless_AccessPointRadio)
  • CiscoWirelessAccessPoint- (deprecated by Cisco_Wireless_AP)
  • CiscoWirelessESS- (deprecated by Cisco_Wireless_ESS)
  • CiscoWirelessController (deprecated by Cisco_Wireless_GlobalPerformance)
  • CiscoWirelessRogue (deprecated by Cisco_Wireless_RogueAccessPoints)

If you are currently monitoring Cisco Wireless using any of these legacy DataSources, you will not experience any data loss upon importing the new DataSources. This is because DataSource names have been changed to eliminate module overwriting.

However, you will collect duplicate data and receive duplicate alerts for as long as both sets of DataSources are active. For this reason, we recommend that you disable the above-listed DataSources after importing the new set of DataSources and confirming that they are working as intended in your environment.

When a DataSource is disabled, it stops querying the host and generating alerts, but maintains all historical data. At some point in time, you may want to delete the legacy DataSources altogether, but consider this move carefully as all historical data will be lost upon deletion. For more information on disabling DataSources, see Disabling Monitoring for a DataSource or Instance.

LogicModules in Package

LogicMonitor's package for Cisco Wireless consists of the following LogicModules. For full coverage, please ensure that all of these LogicModules are imported into your LogicMonitor platform.

Name Display Name Type Description
Cisco_Wireless_Info N/A PropertySource Capture basic Cisco wireless host system properties.
Cisco_Wireless_AccessPointInterfaces Cisco Wireless Access Point Interfaces DataSource Monitors access point ethernet interface metrics. (Deprecates CiscoWirelessAPIf-)
Cisco_Wireless_AccessPointRadio Cisco Wireless Access Point Radios DataSource Monitors access point radio performance metrics. (Deprecates CiscoWirelessRadioSlot-)
Cisco_Wireless_AP Cisco Wireless Access Points DataSource Monitors Cisco wireless access point admin and operating status. (Deprecates CiscoWirelessAccessPoint-)
Cisco_Wireless_ConnectionStatistics Cisco Wireless Connection Statistics DataSource Monitors connection statistics for clients and access points on Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) devices.
Cisco_Wireless_DHCPStatistics Cisco Wireless DHCP Statistics DataSource Monitors DHCP stats by server.
Cisco_Wireless_ESS Cisco Wireless ESS (WLAN) DataSource Monitors Cisco WLC ESS (WLAN) performance metrics, grouped by QoS profile. (Deprecates CiscoWirelessESS-)
Cisco_Wireless_GlobalPerformance Cisco Wireless Global Performance DataSource Global metrics for Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) devices. (Deprecates CiscoWirelessController)
Cisco_Wireless_HighAvailability Cisco Wireless High Availability DataSource Monitors Cisco WLC high availability status.
Cisco_Wireless_MobileStations Cisco Wireless Mobile Stations DataSource Monitors the status of mobile stations grouped by associated SSID.
Cisco_Wireless_MobilityStats Cisco Wireless Mobility Stats DataSource Monitors Cisco WLC mobility stats.
Cisco_Wireless_RADIUSAccountingServers Cisco Wireless RADIUS Accounting Servers DataSource Monitors RADIUS accounting server status and configurations.
Cisco_Wireless_RADIUSAuthServers Cisco Wireless RADIUS Auth Servers DataSource Monitors RADIUS auth server status and configurations.
Cisco_Wireless_RogueAccessPoints Cisco Wireless Rogue Access Points DataSource Discovers rogue access point data. (Deprecates CiscoWirelessRogue)

The DataSources in this package do not include predefined datapoint thresholds (that is, no alerts will trigger based on collected data). This is because the technology owner has not provided KPIs that can be reliably extended to the majority of users. If you'd like to receive alerts for collected data, you'll need to manually create custom thresholds, as discussed in Tuning Static Thresholds for Datapoints.

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