Node Grouping

Last updated on 27 March, 2024

You can now group nodes based on a specific set of properties such as Account, Cluster, Node, Namesapce, Provider, and so on.

Note: This feature is available for Saved Maps and Dynamic Maps.

Creating Node Groups

  1. In your LogicMonitor portal, navigate to Mappings > Saved Maps and select the required map.
  2. On the Map page, in the Group by field, select the plus icon to group the required nodes by property alias or resource properties.

    Group by fields

    Sample of grouped resources image:

Grouped resources

The group colors display the following alert severity types:
– Grey: No Alerts
– Yellow: Warning
– Orange: Error
– Red: Critical

Note: You can create a maximum of 3 group levels. Also, you can have a maximum limit of 500 nodes on the map. If the limit is exceeded, the Group by option is disabled. 
Contact your administrator if you want to increase the group level or node limit on the map.
In addition, you cannot group nodes in manual mapping. Also, only the hierarchical layout is supported and you can zoom up to a maximum of 30%.