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Deleting and Restoring Device Groups

Deleting a Device Group

Device groups (and optionally their member devices or cloud resources) are deleted from the Resources page. Upon deletion, LogicMonitor provides a seven-day grace period in which you can choose to restore a deleted device group.

To delete a device group:

  1. Navigate to the device group in the Resources tree.
  2. Click the Manage button in the top right corner of the Resources page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Manage dialog that appears and click Delete.

  4. From the prompt, choose from two delete options:
    • Delete [group name]. Select this option if you only want to remove the device group (and its subgroup(s)). Member devices will not be deleted.
    • Delete the group and all the hosts within the group. Select this option if you want to remove the device group, its subgroup(s), and all member devices of the group/subgroup(s). Member devices are deleted across your entire LogicMonitor account, even if they are also members of other groups.

Restoring a Device Group

When a device group is deleted, it will be held in the Recently Deleted folder, which dynamically appears at the top of the Resources tree, for seven days. During this time, users with manage permissions on the root directory (typically administrators), have the ability to restore the deleted device group. Restoring a device group also restores, if applicable, any subgroups and member devices that were deleted along with it. The process of restoring a device group is identical to that of restoring a device; see Managing, Deleting and Restoring Devices for details.

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