API Tokens

Last updated on 03 December, 2020


API Tokens can be used to authenticate requests to LogicMonitor’s REST API. API Tokens enable you to control which users in your account use the REST API, and monitor how often they are using it.

Creating API Tokens

API Tokens are created on a per user basis, from the Manage User dialog. Note that a user must have sufficient permission in order to create API Tokens.

Viewing API Tokens

The API Tokens Tab in Settings | User Access displays all API Tokens across all account users. For each token displayed, you can see the associated user, roles, note, created on date, last used date and the enabled/disabled status. Sort by any column header, limit what is displayed to enabled tokens or search to quickly find what you’re looking for.


Searching and Sorting

Use the search field to search for the Access Id, user, role or note associated with one or more tokens. Select the ‘show enabled only’ checkbox underneath the search field to only display enabled tokens. Select a column header to sort the displayed tokens by that column.

Disabling and Deleting Tokens

Check the Enabled checkbox for a token to disable it. Disabled tokens can be re-enabled simply by selecting the “Enabled” checkbox.

You can delete tokens by selecting the “Delete” icon on the far righthand side of the API Tokens table.

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