Usage Reporting for APM Traces

Last updated on 28 April, 2024

You can leverage Usage Reporting to view the usage metrics for APM Traces directly in your LogicMonitor portal. LogicMonitor displays the metrics using spans as an overall cumulative usage metric. 

Requirements for Viewing Usage Data for LM Logs

To view usage data for APM Traces in Usage Reporting, you must subscribe to APM Traces.

Viewing Usage Data for APM Traces

  1. Navigate to Settings > Usage.
  2. From the Products option, select “APM Traces.”
  3. To interact with the Usage Contributors table, select “All Child Accounts” from Contributor Type.

Note: APM Traces does not support at this time.

  1. Select the month you want to view usage for.
  2. To view usage in a sparkline or bar graph format in the Cumulative Usage graph, select the type of graph from the Options menu of the Cumulative Usage graph.

Note:If “All Child Accounts” is selected from Contributor Type, you must select a contributor from the Contributor Type table to display data in the Cumulative Usage graph.

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