LM APM Overview

Last updated on 21 June, 2023

LM APM is Application Performance Monitoring within LogicMonitor. LM APM enables you to troubleshoot faster through insights that bring together traces, logs, and metrics for modern applications.


LM APM makes it possible for you to monitor application performance metrics more easily, via:

  • Push Metrics API and SDK that you can use to send metrics to directly to LogicMonitor without any dependency on a Collector. Once the Push Metrics are ingested, the Push Metrics and the other metrics collated by LogicMonitor, provide a single platform for metric monitoring and alerting. For more information, see Getting Started with Push Metrics.
  • OpenMetrics Integration for monitoring OpenMetrics-formatted data, including metrics in the Prometheus exposition format. For more information, see OpenMetrics DataSource.


LM APM provides Distributed Tracing via an OpenTelemetry integration that allows you to forward trace data from instrumented applications and monitor the end-to-end requests as they flow through the distributed services in your environment. These application traces are displayed in the Traces page alongside relevant metrics and contextual logs. For more information, see Getting Started with Distributed Tracing.


LM APM uses emulation or scripted recordings of user interaction or transactions to create automated tests. These tests simulate a critical end user pathway or interaction on a website or web application. The results of these tests give early insight into the quality of the end user experience by reporting metrics on availability and latency, and identifying potential issues. For more information, see LM Synthetics Overview.

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