Automation Integrations Overview

Last updated on 03 November, 2022

You can integrate LogicMonitor with a third-party automation solution to provide a seamless experience between the two platforms for monitoring new and updated infrastructure in your environment. Integrating LogicMonitor with an automation integration allows you to provision, manage, and remediate your IT infrastructure based on LogicMonitor alerts.

The following table lists the automation solutions that you can integrate with LogicMonitor:

Automation SolutionDescriptionIntegration Settings Provided by LogicMonitor
AnsibleKeep LogicMonitor in sync with your infrastructure as you provision new resources and make updates to your environment using Ansible. 
StackStormUse StackStorm to automatically remediate issues in your infrastructure based on LogicMonitor alerts.
Hashicorp’s TerraformLeverage infrastructure as code to ensure scaling, onboarding, and offboarding is completed in a controlled and repeatable manner using Terraform.