Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager Monitoring

Last updated on 17 March, 2023


Cisco Firepower is an integrated suite of network security and traffic management products, deployed either on purpose-built platforms or as a software solution. The Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager is responsible for monitoring Firepower chassis services and components.

LogicMonitor’s Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager package consists of a set of LogicModules that provides comprehensive out-of-the-box monitoring for the Firepower Chassis Manager.


LogicMonitor’s Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager package is confirmed to be compatible with:

  • Cisco Firepower 4100 and 9300 Series

If you are running a Cisco Firepower Series that is not listed above, contact LogicMonitor support to request investigation into compatibility.

Setup Requirements

Cisco Requirements for the REST API

LogicMonitor’s Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager package uses Cisco’s REST API to collect metrics. Cisco has several prerequisites that must be satisfied before its REST API can be used. See the Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager REST API Reference for setup instructions and recommendations.


LogicMonitor must provide the appropriate credentials in order to successfully access the resource. These credentials must belong to a Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager user account that has been assigned the following minimum permissions:



Read-only Read-only access to system configuration with no privileges to modify the system state. See the Firepower Chassis Manager Configuration Guide for more information on setting up user accounts

Once a user account is established, the following properties must be set on the Firepower Chassis Manager resource within LogicMonitor. For more information on setting properties, see Resource and Instance Properties.



cfcm.user Firepower Chassis Manager username
cfcm.pass Firepower Chassis Manager password

LogicModules in Package

LogicMonitor’s package for Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager contains the following LogicModules. Please ensure that all of these LogicModules are imported into your LogicMonitor platform.

Display Name



addCategory_CiscoFCM PropertySource Identifies if the host is a Cisco Firepower Chassis Manager device and sets system category of ‘CiscoFCM’.
Firepower Chassis Blade Environment DataSource Monitors the blade CPU and power.
Firepower Chassis Blade State DataSource Monitors the blade operating state and power.
Firepower Chassis Fans DataSource Monitors fan speed and operating state.
Firepower Chassis Slot Monitor DataSource Monitors memory and CPU metrics on the slot.
Firepower Chassis Slot Monitor Disks DataSource Monitors disk usage metrics on the slot.
Firepower Chassis Supervisor Temperatures DataSource Monitors various temperature metrics across DIMMs, processor and chassis.

When setting static datapoint thresholds on the various metrics tracked by this integration package, LogicMonitor follows the technology owner’s best practice KPI recommendations. If necessary, we encourage you to adjust these predefined thresholds to meet the unique needs of your environment. For more information on tuning datapoint thresholds, see Tuning Static Thresholds for Datapoints.

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