LogicMonitor v3 SDK

Last updated on 27 January, 2023

LogicMonitor supports Python and Go SDK for REST API v3. You can use these SDKs to efficiently interact with v3 APIs and build API-based integrations and workflow processes.

Note: For Python SDK, the Request parameters can contain camelCase or an underscore. However, the Response parameters will always contain an underscore. For example, the Request parameter can be testLocation or test_location. But the Response parameter will be test_location.

Downloading the SDK

You can download Python SDK via pip:

pip install logicmonitor-sdk

Alternatively, you can also download the compressed tar file of the Python and Go SDK. The SDKs are also available via LogicMonitor’s GitHub.

Using the SDK

The Python and Go SDKs are auto-generated using Swagger Codegen. Detailed documentation with additional examples for the SDK is available here.

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