LM Logs Usage Monitoring

Last updated on 03 January, 2023

The following describes how you can monitor the logs usage for your LogicMonitor account. The usage is aggregated monthly based on the data volume sent to the LM Logs ingestion.

Accessing Logs Usage Data

In the Logs page, select the Monthly Usage icon on the top right.

This opens the Monthly Usage page displaying your monthly log volume usage and ingestion quotas. Log volume this month displays logs ingested in GB for the current billing month. This log volume is an aggregate across all resources sending in logs from the start of the month.

Note: When monitoring log usage, you may see inconsistencies in the reported log usage in the beginning of a month. The log collection is based on UTC time, and logs usage metrics starts at 00:00 on the first day of the month. If the log collector instance is not in a UTC Time Zone, depending on the time offset from UTC, usage report discrepancies may occur initially. The volume number will be correct after the first day.

You can select View account information for an overview of usage numbers for all resources in your LogicMonitor account. See About the Account Information Page.

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