Troubleshooting LMDX Implementation

Last updated on 15 February, 2024

The LogicMonitor Data Exchange (LMDX) application integrates LM Dexda with your ServiceNow instances. For more information, see About LMDX. This article provides guidance when debugging your LMDX implementation.

Debugging Properties

LMDX has a set of system properties that lets you turn on debugging messages for specific areas. You can find all debugging properties in ServiceNow under Developer Debug.

The following table lists available debugging properties.

Property NameDescription
x_lomo_dx.inbound.logLevelInbound HTTP requests.
x_lomo_dx.payload.inbound.logLevelInbound payload processing.
x_lomo_dx.coalesce.logLevelTransform map coalescing.
x_lomo_dx.internal.logLevelServiceNow application configuration, for example reference qualifiers and client scripts.
x_lomo_dx.payload.outbound.logLevelOutbound payload processing.
x_lomo_dx.outbound.auth.logLevelLM Dexda authentication.
x_lomo_dx.outbound.logLevelOutbound HTTP requests.
x_lomo_dx.debugOverall debug switch. Only use this if you are unsure of which area is causing errors.
x_lomo_dx.outbound.snErrorCheckUsed to toggle SN outbound HTTP request error checking. Do not turn on if outboundPayload records are being updated with error responses from LM Dexda.
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