Explore Page

Last updated on 22 February, 2024

Using the explore page, you could look into all the open records or historical data. Unlike a dashboard, where you can customize what you can view and how. However, you could apply the default filter on the Explore page. The Explore page provides a free form of exploration when investigating issues. Using the options in the Explore page you can drill down into insights, alerts, and events. You can apply filters to queries, investigate details for each issue, and decide upon an action if needed.

SectionDescriptionRelated Links
1 – Filtering dataYou can filter the chart data such as CI, Tenant, Severity, Assigned to, Event, Alert, or Insights.About Filters
2 – Dashboard ChartsExplore view has a certain layout by default.Dashboard Charts
3 – Insights, Alert, Events TabYou could switch between these tabs to view specific types of data.Events
4 – Column Filters and More ActionsYou can add or remove column data as needed. To take action on any record, select more options.Dexda User Scenario