Custom Module Creation

Last updated on 26 July, 2023

You can create your own custom modules in LogicMonitor. New modules are created by accessing My Modules Toolbox, where you can create new modules based on any of the LogicModule types. After a new module is created, it is available for use or editing in My Module Toolbox.

Note: In the current LogicMonitor release, you can create new modules for PropertySource, AppliesTo Function, or SNMP SysOID Maps from My Module Toolbox. For the other LogicModule types, you are directed to the Settings page.

Creating a Custom Module

  1. From the LogicMonitor navigation menu, select Modules.
  2. From My Module Toolbox, select Add .
  3. In the Add window, select the type of LogicModule that you want to create.
  4. The editor fields vary based on the type of module you’re creating. For more information, review the documentation for the specific module:
  5. Select Save when you’re finished editing.
  6. Select Commit Version.
  7. Enter a descriptive Version Note, which will appear in the Technical Notes section of the module. 
  8. (Optional) Enable Make this version Public to add the module to Exchange.
  9. Select Commit Version.
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