Export and Import Dexda Configuration

Last updated on 22 February, 2024

You can export and import configurations between Dexda solutions to provide backups of specific configurations as needed. For example, if you are doing extensive configuration changes to your Dexda, you can take a backup (export) of configuration items like Rules and Actions. Should you need to recover a system, a file with configuration items can be imported from a known working configuration.

Configuration File

The configurations are exported as a JSON file containing all configuration settings except models. You can, for example, see the configuration details for dashboards, rules, and action groups in the file.

Exporting and Importing a Configuration

Select Import in the navigation menu to manage exports and imports.

Export Procedure

  1. Select Export config. The configuration file is generated.
  2. Select Download. The file is downloaded to your local environment.

Import Procedure

  1. Select Upload and locate the desired configuration file. The content of the file you are about to implement is displayed.
  2. Select ActionsRules, or Dashboards to see each configuration item to be applied.
  3. Select Import config at the bottom-right of the page. When there are errors in the configuration, it will be displayed here.
  4. Select Done when the import has been completed.
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