Dashboards Page

Last updated on 22 February, 2024

Dashboards are central in Dexda as a starting point from where you can quickly get a situation overview. Dashboards visualize data using charts of different types. Charts get information from the different data records stored in Dexda – insights, alerts, and events. You can add filtering to charts to customize the visualization output for specific purposes and user groups.

Before building a dashboard, you will need to understand the types of charts and filters. For information on creating a dashboard, see Creating a Dashboard.

To access dashboards, navigate to Dexda > Dashboards.

SectionDescriptionRelated Links
1 – Dashboards ListYou can create more than one dashboard based on the type of insight you wish to supervise. In the end of each dashboard, you have more options to edit, clone, or delete a dashboard.About Dashboards
2 – Filter or SearchYou can use this to search for a particular dashboard. Give a descriptive name for a dashboard to make filtering or searching easy.About Filters
3 – Create a DashboardSelect this to go to the configuration page of a new dashboard.Create a Dashboard
SectionDescriptionRelated Links
1 – Filtering dataYou can filter the chart data such as CI, Tenant, Severity, Assigned to, Event, Alert, or Insights.About Filters
2 – Dashboard ChartsYou can add different types of charts to build a dashboard.Dashboard Charts
3 – Column Filters and More ActionsYou can add or remove column data as needed. To take action on any record, select more options.Dexda User Scenario