REST API v3 Swagger Documentation

Last updated on 02 November, 2023

LogicMonitor REST API v3 Swagger documentation contains a complete list of v3 API endpoints and Models related to the endpoints. You can expand each API endpoint to explore the details. It contains request and response parameters with examples and description.

Points to Consider

  • Before making API calls, you should authenticate yourself.
  • You can make v3 requests by including a ‘?v=3’ query parameter or by including a ‘X-Version:3’ header.
  • Properties passed in the body of an API call are case sensitive. 
  • Offset indicates the position of a specific record in the dataset. It is the starting point of the list. For example, there is an array of 10 elements and in the API request you specify offset as 4. The API response will return result from the 5th element onwards.
  • Size indicates the number of elements to return at a time in the response. For example, if you specify size=60, then the response will return result in a batch of 60. LogicMonitor REST API v3 supports maximum size of 1000 records. Even if you specify a number above 1000, the response will always return 1000 records. Example, there are 7000 alerts and you set offset=1000 and size=500. In the response, the API will return alerts from 1001 to 1500.
  • In case of SDTs endpoints, the response may contain extra fields depending upon the type of SDT that you select.
  • In case of Widgets endpoints, based on the widget type you select, the request and response will contain additional attributes. For more details about the attributes, refer models specific to the selected widget type at the end of the Swagger documentation.

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