About LMDX

Last updated on 15 February, 2024

Using LMDX, you can get notified about issues in ServiceNow, and through links access the information in Dexda for investigation. You can look at insight details, see associated alerts and types of issues, and understand why they were correlated. For information on how to investigate issues in Dexda, see Dexda User Scenario.

LMDX is currently certified to work on all generally available versions of ServiceNow, and also natively works in domain separated instances.

The core application includes the following fully working configuration records:

  • Incident (LMDXDefaultInc)—Manages synchronization with the incident table in ServiceNow.
  • CMDB (LMDXDefaultCmdb)—Manages synchronization with the cmdb_ci table in ServiceNow (outbound only, for more information see ServiceNow CMDB).

All related configuration artifacts are bundled with the application. All configuration records and related artifacts (where possible) are inactive by default and must be turned on in order to be used. For more information, see Installing LMDX.

You can use these configurations as-is as they utilize standard default fields that lets you install and quickly get up and running with LMDX. If needed, you can also modify the configurations.