Troubleshooting JobMonitor Monitoring

Last updated on 25 November, 2020

“I set up everything, the JobMonitor wrapper ran my script… but there are no execution records on the Devices page”

Let’s assume you use the following command line to wrap your script myserver “my job name” /usr/local/myjobscript


  • is the device on which the collector is running, and 7214 is the collector listening port
  • myserver is device name on which the batch job is running.

Some common errors are:

  • the name (“myserver” above) does not match either the name or displayname of the system, as defined in LogicMonitor, that the JobMonitor datasource is associated with.
  • The Collector has been configured to listen on a different port than 7214. To verify this, please check <collectorinstalldir>/conf/agent.conf to see if the value of httpd. is 7214. If not, replace 7214 in your command line with the correct port number.
  • There are network problems (such as a firewall, etc) between myserver and the collector device To verify this, telnet to 7214 to verify connectivity.