Dexda – event correlation

Dexda is an AI powered event correlation tool that optimizes incident response and accelerates MTTR by cutting through alert noise, elevating the most important issues, and creating a single source of truth across your entire environment. Unlike other AlOps solutions, Dexda uses open and customizable ML models, offering personalized IT at scale – it’s like having an extra ITOps team on your side that deeply understands your hybrid infrastructure.

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Faster and smarter ITOps powered by AI

Dexda ingests millions of alerts from LM Envision and other third-party tools while adding rich context from LogicMonitor and ServiceNow CMDB. IT and CloudOps teams who use Dexda can:

  • reduce alert noise by 80% or more
  • decrease MTTR
  • quickly get to RCA
  • move from daily firefighting to more proactive operations

Avoid costly war rooms

Reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming war rooms with experts from every team. Using advanced AI techniques, Dexda helps you quickly narrow in on the root cause of the incident. Dexda brings together source data from LogicMonitor, third party event sources and your CMDB tool, and deduplicates and correlates the information into actionable “Insights.” Insights are then auto-tagged and summarized in real-time, generating a single ticket in your incident management tool with all of the relevant information, to help your operations staff quickly acknowledge and route the ticket to the relevant experts.

Reduce alert noise

  • Dexda automatically clusters related alerts into a single ticket, vastly reducing the time it takes for support teams to identify and resolve incidents
  • When new similar alerts are generated, Dexda re-clusters the alerts to avoid any delay in escalating insights to your support team

Troubleshoot faster

  • Automatically generated Tags tell you the “what”, “why” and the “how” of an insight at a glance
  • The insight timeline helps you pinpoint the causal alert and identify patterns in the alert sequence
  • Insight details facilitate collaboration and insight troubleshooting

Customize models

  • Transpose business logic on correlations to customize models for a given organization and domain
  • Customizable user-defined correlation models target both the alert and enriched CMDB data

Webinar – How to enable smarter and faster IT operations through AI

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Dexda demo

Dexda Demo – See how Dexda revolutionizes IT operations

Experience purpose-built AI from a trusted partner. Dexda offers contextualized data and observability capabilities that is a gateway to generative AI and unmatched digital experiences.

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Constellation Research Report – LogicMonitor adds AIOps capabilities to its hybrid observability platform

“The bottom line: Dexda is a no-brainer addition for existing LogicMonitor observability customers.” In this analyst report, Andy Thurai summarizes how Dexda, LogicMonitor’s new AIOps solution, unites hybrid observability and out-of-the-box machine learning models to prevent outages, increase operational efficiency and accelerate MTTR.

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dexda solution brief

Dexda Solution Brief

Dexda was built to solve ITOps teams challenges by silencing redundant monitoring alerts and providing universal context to expedite troubleshooting efforts across teams – all while reducing MTTR in a hybrid environment.

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AIOps for Monitoring eBook

As the world continues to embrace automation, IT teams can finally focus on growth and innovation. The goal is to pivot from manual, repetitive work to more abstract and strategic problem solving that can’t be automated. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading the charge. This eBook illustrates and defines AIOps, key uses, and trends in development.

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Dexda benefits

Benefits and challenges of containerization for IT operations

Quick time to value

Get started with Dexda immediately. Dexda employs out-of-box ML models with no need for training and includes a seamless integration with LogicMonitor. With multi-tenancy, Dexda is completely scalable and MSP-ready with correlations scoped to each tenant, so you can help your customer quickly identify incidents.

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Explainable AI

With Dexda’s open and customizable machine-learning models, users can define their own correlation models to target the alert and enriched CMDB data that makes sense for their business. In addition, using Adaptive correlation, Dexda automatically re-clusters alerts when it identifies a more optimal clustering option. This avoids any delay in escalating insights to ServiceNow.

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ServiceNow ready

Dexda integrates seamlessly with the ServiceNow Incident module for full bi-directional synchronization of alerts in Dexda and incidents in ServiceNow. Dexda event episodes are enriched with ServiceNow CMDB information so responders have additional context for rapid problem identification and resolution.

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Adaptable alert clustering

Many teams struggle with too many alerts, especially when the same alerts are repeatedly created. Dexda clusters alerts using AI-driven methods across time, infrastructure and other items to convert hundreds of alerts into a single episode, which can be used to automatically open an incident in ServiceNow and get enriched with ServiceNow CMDB information to accelerate troubleshooting.

Dexda frequently asked questions

What is AIOps?

AIOps, which stands for Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations, is a method for analyzing and displaying data for IT teams based on machine learning algorithms. The AI used in AIOps is often based on historical patterns coupled with current learned data trends.

Is Dexda really using AI?

Yes. Dexda uses machine learning and natural language processing for pattern identification and tag generation.

Does LogicMonitor use customer data to train their models?

For Dexda, the AI engine is pre-trained and the models do not combine data from other customers. In certain other LogicMonitor features like dynamic thresholds, we use your historical data but it’s only your data – we do not combine it with other customers’ private data.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is the use of algorithms that improve automatically through historical analysis and experience.

What is event clustering?

Event clustering automatically groups event alerts in a correlation into their most succinct form, vastly reducing the time it takes for support teams to reason about the mass of alerts. Effective event clustering can reduce alerts by 80% or more.