Actions Page

Last updated on 22 February, 2024

Actions are a pre-configured set of sequential steps that are executed to achieve a desired outcome.  For example, to update an alert or create an incident in ServiceNow. Dexda pre-delivers a set of default actions that are configured to perform various functions such as alert processing.

To access dashboards, navigate to Dexda > Actions.

SectionDescriptionRelated Links
1 – Create or publish actionSelect Create action to create a new action. Select Publish to implement a change that was made to one of the rules.Create or Edit Actions
2 – List of actionsDisplays the list of actions. End of each action, you can select more options icons to edit, clone, or delete an action.Default Actions
3 – Filtering or SearchingYou can use this to search for a particular action. Give a descriptive name for a model to make filtering or searching easy.About Filters
SectionDescriptionRelated Links
1 – Config options for actionsYou can enter a name, description, select a source and start adding sequence steps to the action.Create or Edit Actions
2 – Config options for each action in the sequenceYou can config each action in the sequence to get a desired outcome.Create or Edit Actions
3 – Submit or Reset You can save or reset changes to each sequence step.Create or Edit Actions