Default Actions in Dexda

Last updated on 22 February, 2024

Actions are a pre-configured set of sequential steps that are executed to achieve a desired outcome.  For example, to update an alert or create an incident in ServiceNow. Dexda pre-delivers the following set of default actions that are configured to perform various functions such as alert processing.

Action NameDescription
Alert CorrelationCreates and updates insights and incidents in ServiceNow, based on the outcome of machine learning events.
Alert ProcessingProcesses incoming events and creates and updates alerts and associated incidents in ServiceNow.
Assign AlertProcess for manually assigning an alert from Dexda.
Assign InsightProcess for manually assigning an insight from Dexda.
CMDB ProcessingStores enrichment data for configuration items.
Close AlertProcess for manually closing an alert from Dexda.
Close InsightProcess for manually closing an insight from Dexda.
Create Incident(Alert)Creates an alert-based incident in ServiceNow.
Create Incident(Insight)Creates an insight-based incident in ServiceNow.
Incident ProcessingUpdating of incident details for alerts and insights in ServiceNow.
LM Enrichment ProcessingStoring of enrichment data for LogicMonitor events (alerts).
Link to existing ServiceNow IncidentCreates a reference link for an alert to an incident in ServiceNow.
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