Models Page

Last updated on 22 February, 2024

Dexda identifies hidden patterns within the text features of alert data and analyzes and dynamically manages their correlation. This correlation of data is called models. Models let you specifically target business scenarios for which you want to generate actionable insights to be managed in your workflow.

To access dashboards, navigate to Dexda > Models.

SectionDescriptionRelated Links
1 – Archive a modelOnce a model is deprecated, you can archive it. A model cannot be deleted.Create Model
2 – Save, cancel, or create a modelYou can save or cancel when you change the status of a model. Also, you can select Create a model to start configuring a new model.Create Model
3 – List of modelsA list of models is displayed hiding the archived ones.About Models
4 – Filtering or searchingYou can use this to search for a particular model. Give a descriptive name for a model to make filtering or searching easyAbout Filters
SectionDescriptionRelated Links
1 – Configuration OptionsA list of configuration options to create a model.Create Model
2 – Live Data ChangesWhen you start configuring, you can see the view of a model on this pane. Create or running a Model