Insight Records

Last updated on 26 February, 2024

Insights are created based on the grouping of alerts using machine learning and patterns and alert severity from alert correlations.

Insight Record Format

The insight field definitions are described in the following:

meta_ididThe ID of the database record.
alertKeyListAlert key list
createdTimestampCreated timestamp
domainTenant id
firstEventTimestampFirst timestamp
lastEventTimestampLast timestamp
linkPermanent URL
mlProcessorTimestampML processor timestamp
orgIdOrganization id
rowKeyInsight key
totalAltertsTotal number of alters
updatedTimestampUpdated timestamp
earliestEventTimestampEarliest event timestamp
latestEventTimestampLatest event timestamp
mlProcessorTimestampML Processor Timestamp
mlcasualCICasual configuration item
impactedCIListImpacted configuration items
modelldListModel id list
tagListTags derived from the correlation model; summarizing associated item descriptions and relevant keywords.
uiResultML UI result
descriptionML description
sourceML source
stateML state
insightDetailsassignedToAssigned to
incidentIdIncident id
incidentPriorityIncident priority
incidentURLLink to incident