Introduction to Dexda

Last updated on 05 March, 2024

With the help of Dexda, you can differentiate between signals and noise, resulting in actionable insights that lead to better service levels and efficient use of resources.

Dexda ingests events and transforms them into contextualized insights. Dexda reduces alert noise by deduplicating repeat events into a single alert, and correlating, grouping and prioritizing alerts into insights, reducing noise with up to 90-95% efficiency.

You can use Dexda to resolve critical issues faster with the following capabilities:

  • Reduced alert noise – Advanced machine learning techniques, contextual enrichment capabilities, and deduplication efforts filter through thousands of daily events to produce succinct alerts for the most critical incidents and drive down MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)
  • ServiceNow ready – Includes a seamless bi-directional integration with the ServiceNow Incident module to fit correlated insights into standard IT workflows. ServiceNow CMDB data automatically enriches Dexda alerts to drive additional context for alert correlations
  • Adaptive correlation – Avoid delays in escalating insights to ServiceNow by automatically reclustering alerts into new insights when a more optimal clustering option is found
  • Extensible correlation – Customizable user-defined correlation models target both the alert and enriched CMDB data, based on what makes sense for the business
  • MSP (Managed Service Provider) ready–Now supports multi-tenancy with correlations scoped to each tenant

Key Components in Dexda

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