SMNP Network Interface Monitoring

Last updated on 13 May, 2024

LogicMonitor’s SNMP-based monitoring for interfaces, provided through the SNMP_Network_Interfaces module, offers robust, vendor-agnostic data collection. This module facilitates customizing interface monitoring by using a device or instance level properties for status alerting, filtering, bandwidth utilization, and collection methods. Additionally, this module’s approach ensures consistent monitoring across different network device brands through uniform dataset across vendors, while also allowing for customizable alerting and filtering to further tailor the monitoring experience to fit specific needs.

Requirements for Interface Status Alerting

You must have the latest version of the SNMP_Network_Interfaces module. 

Alert Properties

Starting with version 2.0, LogicMonitor introduces enhanced alert capabilities. The system generates alerts for status changes from up to down, suitable for various network interface scenarios.

Available Properties



  • Property Configuration: Tailor alerting based on specific interface properties.
  • Regular Expression Matching: Ensure interface properties match defined regular expressions for alerts.

Sample Property Configurations

Alert for status changes based on keywordSet interface.description.alert_enable property to the value core|uplink on a group to cause all network devices in that group to alert on specific words.
Exclude status monitoringSet the property interface.alias.alert_enable=^((?!bridge).)*$ to exclude status monitoring for all interfaces with the word bridge in the auto.interface.alias property.

Interface Usage Based on Configured Speed

Monitor interface bandwidth usage as a percentage of the physical link speed, with options to override this based on configured limits.

Property Settings

Property NameValueDescription
ActualSpeedNumeric value in megabits per second (Mbps)Speed for both downstream and upstream.
ActualSpeedUpstreamNumeric value in MbpsUpstream speed, overrides ActualSpeed.  
in_speedNumeric value in bits per second (bps)Inbound speed for a given interface.
out_speedNumeric value in bpsOutbound speed for a given interface.

Module Wildvalue Tracking

The interface.wildvalue.ifname property allows users to choose between “ifIndex”and “ifName” for the wildvalue. By default, wildvalue is set to “ifIndex”. To use “ifName” instead, set this property to true.

Interface Filtering

LogicMonitor filters certain interface types by default, such as loopback, VLAN, or other virtual ports.

Filtering Settings

Filtering SettingDescription
interface.filtering = trueDisables all automatic filters. Only Active Discovery filters within the module settings will apply. The Active Discovery filters can further be disabled through the Filters settings within the Active Discovery module settings.

Interface Collection Method

Interface discovery methods vary based on device capabilities and SNMP implementation.

Collection Configurations

interface.snmp.method = walkDefault configuration for most devices. This configuration retrieves all interfaces at once, regardless of the Active Discovery instances retrieved.
interface.snmp.method = getRetrieves known interfaces one at a time. Only discovered interfaces are retrieved.
interface.snmp.method = getconcurrentRetrieves known interfaces in parallel. Only discovered interfaces are retrieved.


Enhance your monitoring setup with the following additional customizations:

  • Blocked Metrics: Use interface.blockedMetrics to list metrics that should be excluded.
  • Thread Pool Size: Adjust the interface.poolsize to manage data extraction concurrency (default 20, max 30).

For more information, see Interface Status Alerting.

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