JobMonitor Supplied Wrappers

Last updated on 26 April, 2024

In order for LogicMonitor to monitor batch jobs, they should be run within one of the LogicMonitor supplied wrappers. Wrappers are supplied for both Windows and Linux systems in the lib directory of the collector, logicmonitor/agent/lib:

  • Windows wrapper: lmbatchjobwrapper.js
  • Linux wrapper:

Both the Windows and Linux wrappers are used in the same way and support the same parameters:

[wrapper script] <collectoraddr> <hostname> <jobname> <cmdline>
[wrapper script]Either “lmbatchjobwrapper.js” for Windows or “” for Linux.
<collectoraddr>The IP address or DNS name of the collector to report the results to, including the TCP port (7214 by default, but this can be changed in the collector’s agent.conf file). For more information, see Requirements for Configuring a JobMonitor.
<hostname>The name of the system running the batch job. This must match either the name or displayname of the system that the batch job datasource is associated with, as defined in LogicMonitor.
<IP>The IP address of the system running the batch job. This can be used in place of the hostname.
<jobname>The name of the batch job.