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How Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated have revolutionized their IT infrastructure

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Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated, a dominant force in beverage distribution, is dedicated to delivering excellence across 14 states to over 60 million customers. Despite their commitment, the IT team, spearheaded by Bob Hogue, faced substantial hurdles in maintaining the operational efficiency of their extensive network infrastructure. The primary challenge was the fragmented approach to network and server monitoring, relying on a mix of SolarWinds and custom solutions. 

This setup led to operational inefficiencies, including redundant maintenance efforts, delayed issue resolutions, and a fragmented view of the IT infrastructure.

LogicMonitor’s impact on IT infrastructure management

In pursuit of a streamlined and integrated monitoring solution, Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated turned to LogicMonitor. The platform stood out for its ability to offer a unified view of servers, networks, and telecom environments through a single pane of glass. 

This consolidation enabled the IT team to proactively manage the infrastructure, ensuring swift identification and resolution of issues.

Achieving Unified Monitoring through improving control and visibility

The transition to LogicMonitor revolutionized Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated’s approach to IT infrastructure monitoring. By adopting a single, comprehensive platform, the team overcame the previous challenges of fragmented monitoring. LogicMonitor’s customizable alerting system and advanced reporting features allowed for a more responsive and informed operational strategy. 

This shift not only simplified the monitoring process but also empowered the IT team with enhanced control and visibility over their infrastructure.

Advancements and future plans with LogicMonitor

The implementation of LogicMonitor has delivered substantial benefits, including reduced Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR), improved operational visibility, and the ability to proactively detect issues before they escalate. These advancements have streamlined incident management and bolstered the company’s ability to maintain uninterrupted service. Looking ahead, Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated plans to leverage LogicMonitor for enhancing network compliance, performing trend analysis, and ensuring a future of operational excellence. 

This partnership underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and superior service delivery, setting a new standard in the beverage distribution industry.