LogicMonitor’s latest innovations to optimize cloud performance and costs

LogicMonitor stands at the forefront of innovation in IT infrastructure monitoring, and our newest solutions help our customers optimize performance, manage costs, and gain deeper visibility into their network operations. Our vision is to empower businesses with the observability needed to navigate modern IT complexities with AI-powered solutions that drive efficiency.

The capabilities in our latest launch deliver enhancements that optimize operations for Platform Engineering and CloudOps teams to gain fast, actionable insights into cloud spend and cloud-managed network infrastructure. LogicMonitor helps shift operations teams’ focus on performance, cloud cost optimization, and efficiency, which unlocks growth and innovation.

Layered AI: Empowering ops teams with intelligent insights

LM Cost Optimization: Detailed visibility to align performance and cost

Platform Engineering and CloudOps teams are challenged with maintaining high levels of availability and efficiently using cloud resources, while preventing budgetary overruns and carefully managing costs. Addressing multi-cloud costs while optimizing performance across dispersed teams and applications is difficult with the sheer volume of resources. Making performance-impacting decisions requires deeper intelligence than what the native CSP solutions can provide. 

LogicMonitor’s new Cost Optimization solution addresses balancing cloud performance with the cost of operations. LM Cost Optimization offers deep visibility into multi-cloud billing and AI-driven recommendations so teams can efficiently manage and optimize cloud investments. Layered into Hybrid Observability, LM Cost Optimization quickly and intelligently balances performance and cost management, paired with continuous telemetry and insights derived from the LM Envision platform.

LM Cost Optimization includes two key capabilities:

  1. Cloud Billing: Provides a detailed, unified view of multi-cloud (Amazon Web Services [AWS] and Azure) organizational spending. This allows teams to analyze cost data using normalized, filtered tags such as account, region, provider, resource type, and more. Additionally, customers can optimize cloud costs based on any cloud tag. With this detailed cost visibility, teams can spot trends, identify spikes and resource changes, and determine strategies for improving cost management. Teams gain deeper cloud cost insights and are empowered to make data-driven decisions that are important to their business.  
Cloud Billing provides users with detailed views into Azure and AWS costs with OOTB dashboards and filtered tags.
Visualize cost trends to identify cost changes and filter by cloud provider. 
Users can see how costs change over time and identify where cost spikes occur. 
  1. Cloud Recommendations: AI-powered recommendations to instantly modify cloud resource usage and reduce costs while balancing performance. Available for AWS compute and storage, Cloud Recommendations offers targeted recommendations to optimize platforming decisions. Leveraging observability metrics from the LM Envision platform, performance evidence increases confidence around the recommendation. This gives users deep knowledge of surrounding criteria before taking action. Organizations can manage their most expensive cloud resources and reduce expenses without compromising service levels.
Detailed recommendations into AWS compute and storage environments with potential savings

LogicMonitor helps customers during and after cloud migrations to eliminate over-provisioned resources, reduce costs, and continually monitor performance. LM Cost Optimization equips organizations with the insights required to deliver highly available, reliable, and cost-effective services to their customers.

Cloud-Managed Networking

Edge and IoT requirements drive substantial data and telemetry, which has increased the need for enterprise-grade wireless coverage. Additionally, the increase in return-to-work mandates has uncovered the need for more modern wireless technologies, which has driven the need for reliable cloud-managed networking capabilities. Due to the increased demand in network infrastructure, the need to monitor and support these areas for our customers has accelerated. 

This trend in network management involves new approaches: APIs, streaming telemetry, cloud-hosted, and SaaS-based. These approaches provide faster discovery time, a reduced need for SNMP polling (observability and devices), and push alerts and metrics from management platforms.

LM Envision continues to lead enterprise wireless coverage with a new integration with Ubiquiti UniFi. This integration allows LogicMonitor to offer out-of-the-box monitoring coverage for several industry-leading enterprise wireless vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, and Ubiquiti.

With the addition of Cato SD-WAN monitoring, LM Envision further strengthens LogicMonitor’s position as the leading Hybrid Observability platform for SD-WAN. This enables network operations teams to be agile, efficient, and flexible. LM Envision is supporting customers on that journey. Our customer’s management platform of choice continues to be an integrated partner in the customer’s observability solution.

Customers can also derive greater value from SNMP traps in LM Logs. By enabling SNMP traps as a log source, traps can be retained, queried, and leverage new AI features such as anomaly detection for logs. SNMP traps can now be viewed in the same place as other network-relevant logs, such as syslog, network vendor proprietary logs, and others. Combined with stateful alert clearing, SNMP traps are treated holistically. Meta-data, resource mappings, and filters can also be applied to SNMP trap log records. Finally, through log alerts, SNMP traps can now be leveraged in strategic platform directions, including Dexda’s AI-based event correlation.

Greater value out of information to understand patterns as measured by SNMP traps
Additional detail surrounding the logs. 

Hybrid Observability powered by AI

LogicMonitor’s latest innovations expand the benefits of hybrid observability telemetry and data. We’re innovating and significantly driving efficiency by integrating LM Cost Optimization, enhanced SD-WAN monitoring, and cloud-managed networking enhancements. These developments empower our customers with the tools and insights needed for unmatched operational excellence.

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