Complete Monitoring for ITOps

ITOps teams are overwhelmed with managing and maintaining increasingly complex infrastructures. A lack of sufficient visibility and control can lead to extended periods of downtime. With LogicMonitor’s Unified Observability platform, IT teams can prevent and resolve problems quickly, focus on innovation… and get home on time.

Unified Observability for IT Operations

LogicMonitor’s comprehensive observability platform allows you to monitor services across cloud and hybrid environments with minimal effort, anticipate and quickly find and resolve problems, and increase operational excellence across your organization.

Platform Demo

Watch a LogicMonitor platform demo to get a detailed view of the power of observability.

Intelligent Alerting

Stop losing sleep to needless alert storms. LogicMonitor’s intelligent alerting system finds the root cause of issues and only alerts you when absolutely necessary.

  • Dynamic thresholds automatically adjust to your conditions
  • Root cause analysis pinpoints the true source of an error
  • Forecasting identifies future resource utilization issues before they occur
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Automated Discovery

As your tech stack grows exponentially, automated discovery helps you find and monitor new devices so you can spend less time on repetitive, routine tasks and spend more time innovating. Or slacking off. We won’t tell if you won’t.

  • Out-of-the-box discovery for monitoring, alerting, and graphing to optimize infrastructure performance
  • Continuous automated discovery and deployment for new infrastructure
With LogicMonitor’s GCP support, Cloud SQL database instances are automatically discovered and monitored alongside the rest of your hybrid infrastructure.

Hybrid Monitoring

Eliminate tool sprawl – visualize your hybrid cloud, on-prem infrastructure, and microservices from a single platform. By monitoring all your different cloud environments in one place, you can

  • Get a seamless view into all resources
  • Identify areas that need extra attention, and opportunities for future expansion
LogicMonitor actively monitors key performance counters of MSMQ to track Queues and avoid downtime or degradation in performance.

Downtime prevention

Stop putting out fires and start focusing on innovation with proactive performance benchmarking and thresholding.

  • Mitigate your risk of downtime to increase revenue and improve customer experience
  • Unlock more time to drive innovation and push your organization to the next level


    Cisco SD-WAN

    Out-of-the-box monitoring for Cisco SD-WAN networking architecture leverages the Cisco vManage API to monitor performance and availability metrics across your network.


    ServiceNow CMDB

    Keep your ServiceNow CMDB up-to-date with asset information discovered by LogicMonitor collectors so you can understand how your entire ecosystem is working.

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    Monitor business-critical Azure-hosted infrastructure performance metrics and build out dashboards that show the data critical to your IT Operations.

    Elevate Your Operational Excellence

    Automatically analyze root cause
    Save time and resources by immediately pinpointing the true source of an error.

    Eliminate tool sprawl
    Optimize your tool stack with complete visibility into your complex infrastructures in a single platform.

    Optimize spend & increase ROI
    Avoid surprise costs by forecasting future spend with detailed historical data and ROI analysis.

    This dashboard provides an a listing of various metrics that are monitored for Azure Billing Service. The metrics displayed are total cost for previous month, cost per account, advisor recommendations, cost by operation, cost by region and cost by service

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    Infrastructure monitoring

    Cut down your MTTR and make informed decisions with AI-powered intelligence for IT Operations. LogicMonitor’s infrastructure monitoring solution lets you keep an eye on everything at once.

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    Database monitoring

    Agentlessly monitor a variety of database metrics to operationalize multi-team visibility into infrastructure-level database issues. Present database metrics side by side with infrastructure and other items in your technology stack for full observability

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    Storage monitoring

    Monitor the health of your storage systems and avoid running into capacity issues. Utilizing intelligent forecasting, LogicMonitor can provide an estimate of how long you have until your storage capacity runs out.

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    Cloud monitoring

    AWS, Azure, GCP, private, everything. Monitor all aspects of your cloud together with the rest of your infrastructure, so you can keep key systems running and avoid downtime.

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