Go beyond traditional resource level performance and availability data. LogicMonitor provides visibility into all of the components that potentially impact the health of your AWS-backed infrastructure and services.

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Unified Observability to drive DevOps excellence

LogicMonitor enables DevOps teams to measure and improve SLOs from a service view across your entire stack. Smart alerting and anomaly detection unlocks the potential of faster application deployments, cloud services, and infrastructure.

Achieve end-to-end visibility for applications, infrastructure, and the teams that power them

Gain shared insights into service, application and infrastructure performance

Confident Deployments

  • Deploy with confidence through code-level visibility within applications and infrastructure
  • Complete visibility across your stack enables faster incident response, triage, and resolution
  • Empower developers to create, release and troubleshoot scalable applications with code level visibility, traces, and log analytics
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Better DevOps Collaboration

  • Correlate application and performance issues with busieness services to prioritize action
  • Get all your experts on the same page with a single solution that offers full visibility across services and your technology stack
  • Out-of-the-box intelligent alerting for traces and log anomalies create new baselines that evolve into beter SLOs

Comprehensive Visibility

  • Full visibility across multi-cloud and hybrid environments to increase control and reduce risk
  • Container, cloud, and on-prem infrastructure monitoring ensure full visibility into apps and infrastructure
  • Display and contextualize logs, metrics, and traces with infrastructure resources for full coverage

Developer Productivity

  • Enable developer self-service for teams to troubleshoot and continulously improve application performance
  • Create golden paths for developers to interact and run their applications
    Give developers visibility into production environments without requiring access


    Go beyond traditional resource level performance and availability data. LogicMonitor provides visibility into all of the components that potentially impact the health of your AWS-backed infrastructure and services.


    LogicMonitor includes support for monitoring technologies from Redis. Build out dashboards that show the data critical to your business operatoins with out-of-the-box monitoring for critical Redis performance metrics.


    Using the LogicMonitor Terraform Provider, customers can easily manage complex infrastructures within LogicMonitor by automatically adding and configuring provisioned devices, device groups, and collector groups.

    Elevate DevOps productivity and effectiveness

    Eliminate Silos
    Full visibilty across multi-cloud environments and teams to increase control and reduce risk.

    Reduce Time to Value
    Simple, intuitive UI makes it easy for teams to see what’s happening and spend more time focusing on deployments.

    Enable Developers
    Empower dev teams to perform continuous delivery by building a self-service experience for building, releasing, and monitoring.

    Cloud Observability

    LogicMonitor’s Cloud Monitoring allows enterprises to maximize their investments in cloud services with real-time visibility into the total performance of cloud deployment that empowers cloud leaders to make informed, data-driven business decisions.

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    Log Intelligence

    LM’s modern log management proactively identifies problems before disrupting hybrid and cloud environments, detects root cause anomalies caused by deviations from standard event patterns, and provides context alongside infrastructure metrics to help troubleshoot issues faster.

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    Application Insights

    LM APM enables optimizing user experience, detecting application latency, and identifying bottlenecks within your modern apps to resolve issues faster, continuously improve application performance, and maximize application resiliency.

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    Get Started with Observability for Distributed Systems

    Go beyond your organization’s monitoring efforts. This comprehensive guide shows you how to set up and manage an observability platform across your development and operations teams. This technical cheat sheet covers the three pillars of observability — metrics, logs, and traces — and explains how to increase speed to market for your modern apps and agility to manage your infrastructure running on distributed systems.

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    Getting Started with Observability for Distributed Systems

    IT Observability Research Report

    To identify the tools and techniques required to achieve unified observability, LogicMonitor commissioned a survey of 600 global IT decision makers to uncover how IT operations and developers are reducing downtime and increasing observability in an era marked by IT modernization initiatives and technological convergence.

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    LogicMonitor IT Observability Research Report