Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring in the cloud, of the cloud, and for the cloud….(but for the rest of your datacenter too).

The cloud is great – quick provisioning, dynamic scaling – it can solve all sorts of problems. But what happens when you want detailed performance information about dynamic machines?  Or detailed database metrics on your persistent database instances?

That’s where LogicMonitor’s cloud monitoring can help. LogicMonitor discovers newly added or deleted instances as they are provisioned, and automatically add them to monitoring into the appropriate groups.  LogicMonitor can notify you in real time about newly discovered instances, or batch up the notifications for your review.

Know if your automatic scaling is set at the appropriate load levels. Know if your MySQL database instances need faster storage, or if an index was omitted from the last software push, triggering too many sequential table scans.  Create dashboard graphs that automatically show the transactions delivered across all your instances – no matter how many you have at any point in time.  Track your cloud storage usage.

Capitalize on the flexible infrastructure that cloud computing offers, but know what you are getting. Get LogicMonitor.