Airbrake: Error & Performance Monitoring

Never miss an application error, improve code quality, and diagnose and fix issues faster. Gain insight about the performance of the entire app stack, from code to cloud, to ensure flawless customer experience in Agile environments.

Airbrake dashboard with metrics like requests, response time, error occurrences, and user satisfaction

On-demand, agentless, application error and performance monitoring

Airbrake, a LogicMonitor company, ensures frictionless code deployments, faster fixes, and happy users. Say goodbye app issues, hello fearless deployments, with one cloud-based platform that provides full application stack visibility within minutes.

Key Airbrake features:

  • 20+ programming languages and frameworks supported
  • Secure, SOC 2 Type II Certified SaaS platform
  • Agentless, open-source SDK-based install
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Deployment Tracking
  • Code Insights
  • Holistic visibility in microservices-based apps
  • Breadcrumbs and Backtraces for fast debugging
  • Performance monitoring with Apdex
  • Out-of-the box integration with the DevOps toolchain

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Frictionless error monitoring for fast-paced CI/CD

Detect code issues automatically in Agile environments:

  • Make debugging easy. SaaS platform, fast onboarding of applications (20+ languages). Add open source SDKs and be proactively monitoring your code, in any environment, within minutes.
  • No more deployment headaches. Deployment Tracking gives you full understanding of each code ship. Code Insights provides details into what has changed, plus trends in error and fix rates.
  • Proactive root cause identification. No matter front-end or back-end issues. Breadcrumbs and Backtraces show you what caused the issue.
Airbrake dashboard

Unified insight into the full app stack

Diagnose issues quickly in complex application stacks:

  • Give every team access. No user limits and a Hotspot dashboard that provides holistic visibility to identify problematic areas for each microservice.
  • Discover issue occurrence patterns. Aggregations provide contextual information into the total impact of errors on user experience and the full application stack.
  • Integrate with the DevOps toolchain. Out-of-the-box integration with Slack, GitHub, Jira and others, to never miss an application issue.
Airbrake dashboard

Agentless, on-demand performance monitoring for modern applications

Drive performance improvements in microservices or serverless applications, for better user experience:

  • Gain control of end-to-end performance. Support for Node.js, Go, Ruby-on-Rails and Python. See the number of requests, response time, SQL query and background job performance, in context of errors.
  • Quantify user experience with Apdex. Know what your users think about the performance of each application transaction.
  • Count on cloud-native pricing. Packages that just make sense based on the architecture of modern web and mobile apps. Ditch server-based pricing and pay based on the number of performance events that your app generates.
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Airbrake dashboard

The ability to see your errors in one place…and organize them by deploy makes all the difference.


Error and Performance Monitoring

Never miss an error

Whenever a new error impacts your users, Airbrake alerts you in real-time via email or messaging product integrations.

Debug issues fast

Backtraces and breadcrumbs show the exact events causing an error, so you can understand and reproduce any issue.

Prioritize fixes

Airbrake provides the scope and context to identify the most critical errors in your app and diagnose the root cause, so you can fix problems fast.

Track the health of your app

Simple, actionable insights help measure the overall quality of your application, including performance and user experience.

Keep your data secure

Airbrake is SOC 2 Type II certified and uses industry-leading protocols to ensure that your code and your sensitive data remain untouchable.

Deploy with confidence

Hotspots and insights flag high risk files and errors, while Deployment Tracking helps track trends, fix bad deploys, and improve code quality.

CLI: A Faster Way to Use Airbrake

Our developers have created the Airbrake Command Line Interface (CLI). With the CLI, Airbrake users can set up new projects with Airbrake and interact with the Airbrake API conveniently from the terminal.

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Airbrake Pricing

With five different Error and Performance Monitoring paid tiers, we’re positive you’ll find the perfect Airbrake package for your applications.

Airbrake Pricing

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With Airbrake and LogicMonitor together, you will enjoy comprehensive visibility and faster troubleshooting powers across your entire digital spectrum.

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