A Commitment to Diversity: Fostering Unique Career Pathways to University Talent

A Commitment to Diversity: Fostering Unique Career Pathways to University Talent

With today’s fluid, highly-competitive job market, companies have evolved their recruitment efforts to develop high-achieving teams across functions, while preserving a solid bottom-line. At LogicMonitor, we’ve experienced over 40% growth in headcount in the last 12 months. In order to sustain this level of rapid growth and scale our recruitment efforts for the future, we decided to launch a newly-scaled, formalized University Recruiting (UR) plan to build teams from the ground up… and so far it’s working!

Focusing on Regional Efforts

We’re excited to be hosting 13 interns this spring and summer! Let’s take a look at how we got here, and why this program will be essential for our continued growth and success. As we began planning last year for the 2022 program, it was vital for us to explore internal areas of opportunity to hire, train, and manage interns for summer 2022. We also had to research rich talent pools located near our regional offices in Santa Barbara, Austin, and Boston. From there, discussions with the Career Services teams began, providing clarity and exposure for us to better identify ideal talent pools for LM.

How did we choose our University partners for 2022? Our UR team is fairly lean, and still in the early stages, so it was pertinent that we engaged with student bodies that align with the goals and objectives of this new strategic program. Here’s a glance at some of our guiding goals:

  • Increase retention – focusing on long-term hiring.
  • Increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across LM.
  • Train and integrate early-career employees with LM’s vibrant culture.
  • Increase brand awareness among students, helping answer the question “What is LogicMonitor?”.

Given that 10 of our 13 internships are taking place for teams primarily located in the Austin, TX area, we’re partnering closely with two local universities: The University of Texas at Austin (UT) and Texas State University (TSU), both with robust technical and non-technical academic programs and colleges, virtual and in-person engagements that foster recruiting conversations and brand awareness, and diversity initiatives and student-led programming that encompass enablement of a new generation of talent working in tech.

In addition to the two universities in Texas, we’re also partnering with the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), located across town from our Santa Barbara headquarters, and Northeastern University in Boston, MA, which offers unique, highly technical academic programs and experiential learning programs that foster growth for some of our most technical teams.

A Commitment to Diversity

As a company that’s been rated as one of the “Best Places to Work in Austin” for four years straight, it’s important that we highlight diversity when engaging with students. We’ve shed light on our inclusive culture by discussing our growing list of community groups at LogicMonitor  – employee-run organizations that support employees in feeling welcome and foster a sense of belonging – and how students can participate in these groups during their internships. Below are examples of these community groups:

PeopleofColor@LM – Our mission is to create a supportive and educational community that strives to spread awareness and understanding around topics/issues that are experienced by people of color. 

Pride@LM – Our mission is to create an inclusive environment for both our LGBTQIA+ and ally teammates alike. We strive to serve our local communities through volunteer events and celebrate our vibrant community while doing so. 

Women@LM – Our mission is to create an inclusive working environment for those who identify as women at LogicMonitor by sharing stories, empowering others, and creating a supportive community that is aware of issues affecting women+.

In line with our DEI efforts, we’ve formalized partnerships with diversity-focused student organizations at UT Austin, showcasing our commitment to building a diverse generation of talent at LM. We’re also working with specific student groups such as diversity councils, a woman in business council, and a student group called “Target Your Future,” dedicated to building success for first-generation college students. Topics of discussion vary across the dozens of programs and events taking place this spring, but have ranged from “Communicating Confidence,” to “Building Your Brand,” to “Being Valuable Members of Diverse Teams.”

New Collateral

As we carved out specific roles for internships this summer, we felt it was important to develop an Early Careers Page, a tool that could showcase entry-level opportunities, perks, initiatives, testimonials, and more – all targeted toward university students. This has been especially useful since the site went live, and we’ve seen an increase in engagement each week. This site’s user-friendliness, clear and concise content, and creative makeup are reasons we feel we’ve gotten strong traction and engagement with candidates.

In addition to this site, we wanted to develop new collateral targeted toward specific student audiences. A couple of examples are listed below:

What’s Ahead

We’re now approaching mid-spring, and we’ve filled 90% of our internship requisitions, so we’re super excited that efforts have worked thus far! Ahead for us is formalizing an onboarding and integration plan that will acclimate this year’s interns in the professional and personal development-related initiatives at LM. We’ve accomplished a lot already, but excited for more opportunities ahead! Stay tuned!