A New Chapter of Growth

Christina Kosmowski, CEO at LogicMonitor

Christina Kosmowski, CEO

A year ago, I shared how excited I was to be joining the rocket ship that is LogicMonitor as President. Today I’m excited to share a new chapter of growth for this kick-a** company, and, for me personally, as I assume the title of CEO of LogicMonitor. 

I am THRILLED to become CEO of this incredible company. I am both excited and humbled, yet extremely confident because of the incredible team we have here at LM, amazing customers who partner with us every step of the way, and a strong technical foundation that positions us to be an integral partner to the c-suite.

What attracted me to this company when I first joined is still true today: we have the right products and an incredible vision in place; customers need what we offer; and we’re going exciting places fast. 

Kevin’s leadership as CEO for over a decade and the hard work of each and every one of LogicMonitor employees has positioned us to be the CIO’s best friend in 2022. Companies everywhere face new pressures for “IT to just work”. We have a platform that beautifully predicts and prevents technical performance issues before they impact customer experiences and negatively impact business. In 2022 you’ll see us get louder about that fact. It’s time the world knows who we are!

I am grateful to Kevin and the entire team for everything they have done to build an amazing company. Now, as we look forward and kick off the next chapter of growth for this company, I’m excited to continue my partnership with Kevin in his new capacity as Executive Chairman.

We’re starting this year on the heels of record growth and momentum. And we’re going to take that even further from here on out. So here’s my commitment to you: We will continue to put customer centricity, authenticity, and transparency first. We are committed to providing our customers with a trusted observability and IT data collaboration platform that helps company leaders to innovate faster and break down internal silos to accomplish their top priorities. And I promise that we won’t lose sight of our humility or gratitude for this opportunity along the way.

Thank you again to Kevin, all of our employees, and our valued partners and customers who have been and will be part of this journey. There are exciting things for us to come in 2022, so look for more product innovations, leadership team appointments, and momentum in the weeks and months ahead.